Tanner Metzger

Weight – 9 lbs, 7 ozLength – 22 1/2”, Head – 14 1/2”
Born at 10:57pm on 11/3
After 10 days of waiting and hoping for Tanner’s appearance, I made an appointment with my midwife (11/3) to ask her to help me move along the labor process (third sweep). After my apt, around 1pm, I had started having mild and irregular contractions. My best friend texted me around 7ish and she sent a relaxation YouTube video that I listened to and really focused on letting my body relax (because by that time, I was stressed that he wouldn’t never come 😂).  At 9:11pm, I had my first strong contraction. My husband asked if he should set up the tub and I said “no” because I didn’t think I would be birthing a baby that night! But by 9:30, I knew labor was happening and I was thankful my husband didn’t listen to my advice and he blew up the pool anyway. I called my midwife (Emily, who I had been really wanting at this birth) and texted my birth photographer and doula to let them know to come over. They all got to my house around 10pm. Emily checked me to see how far along I had progressed and I was 9.5 cm and so she had me get into the birthing tub. This birth was different than my other two births. I was able to trust my body completely and even joke and laugh in between contractions. I started pushing at 10.50, my water broke at 10:51 and Tanner was born at 10:57pm! Almost two hours of active labor and our big and healthy boy finally joined us!

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