Phoenix Mara

I gave birth June 30 , 2019 to a baby girl. My journey throughout my whole pregnancy in my personal life was rough. I am thankful however for the care I received at Labor Of Love. With all that happened I don’t think I would have made it through my pregnancy if I had not been in their care. I do not have family down here in Florida. I was struggling a lot but they gave me support and Reassurance. The staff here is very personable and are willing to do anything to help moms and mom’s to be. I am so glad I was able to confide in them but I am also grateful that they cared enough to check up on me.. The women go above and beyond. You can tell they love their Job. Such a wonderful group of Women. I can’t stress it enough.

Now for my birth story… I am a first time mom. I didn’t know what to expect…My labor started around 1 June 29th 2019.. Baby would not get into position. But with some Helpful suggestions from midwife Karla things progressed. I did most of my laboring at home in a tub.. it was the only way I could get comfortable/winks in. We were set to meet at LOL at 1pm. I am not sure what time my water broke… but it was definitely before we got there around 1:30 My body started pushing shortly after I got there…  I would have been grateful for any of the midwives because Frankly they are all AMAZING. But I am very Blessed for it to have been Karla. My body was pushing and I was only dilated 4cm…(she didn’t tell me til after baby was born) Although, she was worried that my cervix was going to swell, but still she kept me without fear. She kept me calm. Let me trust my body and let baby take its course, and it worked out perfectly. With the support of my doula, friend, Photographer, Karla and a little lavender… Phoenix Mara was born 7lbs 7oz  and 20.75 inches long at 2:47pm June 30th 2019.

My heart is So full and I am so Blessed. If I had the choice. I’d choose Labor of Love over and over again. 

Photographs by Chellie Loo                               

Ravonna Pearson-Martin 

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