Ormsby Family

Where to begin. I have been blessed to have been cared for by the labor of love family in all 3 of my births. As well as a for a miscarriage i had between my second and third babies. I say family because this practice has become a huge part of ours. 
I knew with my first that the white coat, highly institutionalized medical model was not what i wanted. When i took the tour of the birth center the second i walked in the door i knew it was the place for me. It was warm and inviting, i was completely comfortable there. Through the appointments spanning my pregnancy I had appointments with all the midwives and felt empowered by their encouragement to trust my intuition as my pregnancy progressed and their transparency as they educated me on all of my options when it came to decision making leading up to and during my labor. The child birth education classes were extremely helpful. Even my husband said hospital child birth education lacked greatly in comparison. 
My first birth was at the birth center. The early labor was long and frustrating as I wanted my baby earthside. But the ladies guided me with patience and compassion. When i finally came back in full labor, Michelle was not taken aback by my colorful language but urged me to harness that energy to bring my cub into the world. My second birth at home was peaceful. Karla was steadfast, patient, and compassionate. Cori who was a birth assistant at the time cultivated this as well being equally as encouraging. My third birth was a douzy though. It was long and intense. But Emily and Michelle were beyond patient. Although I’m sure the fact that my tv cycled through a good number of the marvel cinematic universe helped. They rallied me through at the end when i didn’t think i could persevere. 
I encourage every woman i come across who is having a child to seek out their care because, simply put,  it is the best there is. They cared for me so genuinely and intensely, my gratitude for this is immeasurable. The passion for their clients exudes from every interaction and the emotional investment they make in each mother and family is unrivaled.

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