Home Birth

home birth


We do offer home birth services. This is on a ‘first come/first served’ limited number monthly basis.

All of your prenatal care will be in the Birth Center as normal but when the magical time arrives to meet your little one, a midwife will come to attend you at your home. As the time of birth draws closer, the midwife will call in the Birth Assistant (BA) to attend also.

A home visit with a midwife will be arranged around your 34 week mark. Aside from your normal clinical appointment, she will review your basic birth necessities, discuss where in your home you’d like to deliver and prepare an action plan should transfer become necessary.

You will be given information on how to prepare your bed/home for labor/delivery and all supplies that you should have ready.

At the time of labor, the midwife will bring with her all that she would normally have on hand at the Birth Center, in order to ensure a safe and uneventful birth.

The midwife and BA will remain with you during your immediate postpartum recovery, just as they would in the Birth Center. They will be monitoring you and the baby for continued wellbeing, helping you to use the bathroom, shower and to have your first meal.

As an added bonus, they generally set the laundry going for you too!



Not all insurance policies will cover a home birth. It is your responsibility to ensure that your policy covers you if you are planning to birth at home.

If we bill and are denied, the birth portion of your care will become your responsibility. This cost will vary for different insurances.

To guarantee a Midwife will be available to come to attend you at your home in labor we do ask for an additional, non-refundable, $400 fee. This will ensure that, in the event of the on call midwife being with another client in the Birth Center, one of the other midwives will be able to come to you.


If you are planning for a home water birth but feel your tub may not be big, or comfortable enough, an inflatable tub, such as the one pictured here, can be hired from Midwife Cori at a cost of, $170 plus $30 for a tub liner.

Contact Cori at Cori.laboroflove@gmail.com or 813-404-6490 or discuss with her during your appointment.

home birth tub

We remain open during Covid-19. Please give us a call if you have any concerns.