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Our welcoming clinic waiting area allows you to relax in comfort while waiting for your appointment and has a supply of toys to keep little ones occupied. You will be seen in a private room by your midwife and sit to chat comfortably before lying down to feel and listen to your baby.

As a client at Labor of Love you will be seen frequently throughout your pregnancy and offered routine screening, with additional screening as required. At each appointment you will be given the time you need to meet with one of the midwives and discuss your ongoing wellbeing and plans for the birth. Routine care at each appointment includes monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, weight and urinalysis. The midwives will measure your uterus, listen to the baby’s heart beat and assess its position. We often find that this is the most fun part for siblings and encourage them to become involved!

We offer a full program of Childbirth Education, dependent upon your individual needs, so you will feel fully prepared for your childbirth experience.

Throughout your pregnancy and in your postpartum period, you will have 24 hour access to a midwife who will be available to address any problems or issues you may be experiencing. Should any issues arise that are outside our scope of practice, we are able to refer you to a Consulting Obstetrician for the appropriate care.

When the time comes for your baby to be born you will be met by one of the midwives at the Birth Center. She will stay with you, monitoring your progress and providing continuous, hands on care until after your baby is born. You will be given the freedom to move around and do whatever your instincts lead you to do while you labor. We encourage nourishment and hydration throughout the laboring period. Whilst we do monitor yours and the baby’s wellbeing, this is not done in an obstructive manner. The midwife may suggest positioning changes or other advice but ultimately, the manner and place in which you choose to birth your baby are your choices.

*While we do welcome you to bring your children to your appointments, PLEASE do not bring them in if they are sick!

Clinic Area
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clinic area
Midwives’ Office

We remain open during Covid-19. Please give us a call if you have any concerns.