Sunday, January 13th 2019
Now 12 days past my “due date”. My mindset was terrible. I woke up around 6am, hopped in the shower and cried. And cried. And cried.As my induction date was quickly approaching, all I could think about was my dream delivery that I honestly thought would never come…

I got dressed, fed the babes, kissed everyone good bye and headed to Lutz to meet with my midwife to try and naturally induce labor. On the drive there, I made myself think positive thoughts. This baby WILL come in time. I grabbed myself a bagel and continued with the positive thinking…

I arrived at the birthing center at 10am. Bea did a vigorous membrane sweep and gave me a bottle of cotton root tincture to take every 15 minutes for two hours. I walked around the neighborhood behind the birthing center with a purpose. This baby WILL come.I started to FINALLY feel cramping so I went ahead and called Eli to come down.I went to Publix at 12pm for a sandwich, came back to eat and Eli arrived shortly after.We walked a big loop around the neighborhood, walked some stairs and went back in the birthing suite at 2pm for an exam. 

That’s when Bea told me that no one was going home, this baby was COMING!***Cue the tears!

I was 4cm and having mild but consistent contractions. We did one more loop around the neighborhood and on our way back to the birthing center, I stopped 4 times to bend over in pain. Contractions were getting way stronger. That was our last lap, we went back to the suite and labor progressed quickly.I rocked on the yoga ball for a while, put Trevor Hall Radio on Pandora, threw up a few times, and the midwife started filling up the tub.

The water was incredible. So much relief!I was now 9cm and feeling so much pressure on my bottom. I got into the most comfortable, natural position for my body. I had an intense contraction with the uncontrollable urge to bare down. My midwife checked and told me the head was right there. So I pushed.

Two more pushes and we had a baby! Almost en-caul until my water broke on my last push and then it was over! HE was here! Finally! 7:30pm, Bodin Lachlan was born. We were home, snug in our beds before midnight.

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