Changes for 2012

A Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR wish to you all………
I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Holiday Season and are entering 2012 relaxed, happy and ready for whatever this year will bring.
This year is starting with a welcome addition to our staff at the Birth Center;
I am very pleased to announce that we will be joined by a new midwife – Michelle Ruffalo. Currently working on the East Coast, Michelle trained with Andrea at the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery. She will start shadowing in clinics and at births this month, will take her own clinics in February and then start taking call from March, just as we start getting REALLY busy!! This addition will enable us to balance call time better between us, giving us all a bit more (very much needed) “down time”.

I am sure you will all welcome Michelle with welcome arms and as you get to know her, will become as comfortable with her as you are with the rest of us.


Another change for 2012 – I will no longer be sending out the monthly newsletter. It is a struggle for me to keep up with everything I do and it is going to be easier for me to send updates and information via our Facebook page. If you are not already a fan of us on Facebook, please become one (be sure you have the right Labor of Love, our picture is with the red door!). This way you can keep up to date and informed of the latest events in the natural birthing world and here at the Birth Center.


MOST IMPORTANT…..This year is gearing up to be a very busy one. We already have a couple of months where we are unable to take any more clients. This means it can sometimes be a struggle to fit in clinic appointments to meet everyones wishes. Please bear with us and understand that in order to give everyone the care and time they each deserve it is IMPERATIVE that you keep your scheduled appointment time. If you need to cancel, please give us at least 24 hours notice. If you are likely to be more than 20 minutes late, please call the office, it MAY be necessary to reschedule.

We do not want to appear obstructive and do try to be as flexible as possible but our increased client base means that we may not be able to be as accomodating as we have in the past.


Looking forward to a bouncing 2012!!


Bea, Andrea, Rebecca, Jen, Amanda & everyone at Labor of Love