our water birthing rooms



We have two large tubs available, one in each birthing suite. Our tranquil water birth rooms allow you to enjoy the benefits of calming water relaxation and the pain relief found in water immersion. Submersion in warm water for labor and birth has become an increasingly popular relaxation method.

water birth
water birth


At Labor of Love, you can choose to reserve the tub for use during labor and for birth. We want you to be aware of the benefits and potential risks. Please review the information below and be sure to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with your midwife.

Advantages for mother

  • Reduction of pain (perceived and experienced)
  • Easier to breathe in moist air
  • Increased relaxation due to buoyancy, warmth, endorphin/
    hormone release and autonomy
  • Eases intensity/duration of transition stage of labor
  • Corrects dysfunctional labor
  • Deepens internal focus, concentration, intuition and natural confidence
  • Lowers adrenaline
  • Helps to relieve anxiety
  • Enhances focus and concentration
  • Shorter labors
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Greater mobility for maternal positioning during labor
    and birth
  • Conservation of maternal energy
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Mother or father can more readily catch their own baby
  • Fewer birth canal injuries, vagina, perineum and vulva
  • Enhanced family bonding: partner takes more active role in birth, positive birth experience facilitates early bonding with newborn


  • Gentle transition from pool of amniotic fluid to pool of water
  • Decreased trauma at birth for mother and baby
  • Increased blood to baby due to better blood circulation in mother
  • Reduced invasive stimuli resulting in calmer, more alert babies
  • Bacteria is diluted in the water reducing infection to baby
  • Cord cutting after birth is delayed until it stops pulsating
  • Reduced breastfeeding problems
water birth