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Kelly & Robert

I was five days over my due date when my water slowly broke about 10:00 am on October 3rd. It was my second baby so I was feeling calm and excited that today would be the big day. I called to talked to Emily who was the midwife on call. My contractions still hadn’t really started, so I just rested at home for the next few hours. I used this time to clean the house, drop my first born off with Grandma, and take a little nap. Around 1:00 pm, my contractions were starting to get painful so we headed to the birth center. Karla checked me, did vitals, etc when I got there. I had a really great labor for the next several hours. I walked around the porch and leaned on the railing between contractions. My husband walked with me and carried all my snacks and drinks for in-between contractions. It was a beautiful, warm and windy day. I looked at the trees swaying in the wind during labor and felt very peaceful and relaxed. I spent most of my early labor outside. I ate dinner at 5:00 pm and things were still going slowly. Karla gave me some herbal tincture and I started doing squats with each contraction on the back porch. Wow, that really sped things up!! After this, I started having super intense/painful contractions. I was in the bedroom on all fours. Being on all fours really helped with the pain. Karla was so sweet and was breathing slowly with me, rubbing my back, and telling me everything is okay. I felt like she was my big sister because she was just so encouraging and calming. I was crying with every contraction because they were so painful. After about an hour of this, I got into the jacuzzi tub. Wow, that tub felt amazing! The water was so warm and relaxing. The lights were dim and there were candles. After maybe five minutes, my body started pushing on it’s own. I asked Karla if it was okay to push. With the next contraction, I got into a semi-squating position in the tub, and I pushed with everything I had. My baby was now crowning. Karla told me if I pushed really hard on the next contraction, then she thought the baby would be out. I was in so much pain, that was the best thing anyone could have ever said. I pushed extremely hard on that next contraction, and my baby was born. So it only took three pushes! I cuddled my baby and just held her in the tub for the next hour while she tried to latch. Then we got out of the tub, I held her for a while, worked on breastfeeding, took a shower, got dressed, and ate some food. It was a really great experience. I got to hold my baby pretty much the whole time. We did the newborn exam, went over discharge instructions, and I was home by 2:30 am to sleep in my own bed. I received so much breastfeeding support from LOL that not only was she exclusively breastfed (zero formula), this water baby has been nursing for 19 months already! I’ll always be grateful for the amazing labor and birth of my baby girl.