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Jessica & Jack Clark

So we all know how this story ends, so let me explain how we got there…

For about a week I was getting light, slightly painful contractions usually right before I’d go to bed so around 7 or 8pm. I’d get excited, thinking, hoping, wishing that I’d go to bed and wake up in a few hours in active labor and boom – baby time. Well I THOUGHT it would go that way because that’s what happened the first time around with Jadyn, well each pregnancy is different and as I learned each birth is VERY different as well.

So moving on to the good stuff…I went to bed around 10:00 pm on March 6th (my actual due date) with very minor cramping, but nothing to throw a party over. I woke up every couple of hours as usual to empty my bladder, then shuffle back into bed and get some more sleep. Well my trip to the bathroom around 3:45am seemed like every other uneventful pee trip and once I got done peeing I was still “peeing” I was groggy and dismissed it as a weak attempt to fully empty my bladder… well I sat forward and started slowly leaking again. I was perplexed. This went on for about 5 minutes and then seemed to stop. Then once again I felt like I had just lost control of my bladder…then it dawned on me that maybe my water broke. I had read that water breaks only 8% of the time before active contractions begin. So odds were against that, but not impossible. I woke Jack and told him I was leaking and that it might be my water that broke. Then I called the birth center and spoke with my midwife who told me it sounded like my water broke but since I was not having contractions that I should walk around, eat and try to start labor and to call with any changes. So then was the call to mom. She agreed to cook me a good breakfast while Jack stayed home with Jadyn and got some more sleep….

Ok we are getting closer to the “really good stuff”…So I got dressed and had some mild cramping, then drove to moms place (8 houses away) and had more cramping when I pulled in the driveway. Walked through the door and within a minute or 2 had more cramping that was getting more intense, but wasn’t lasting too terribly long. I had not even thought that this cramping was contractions as they didn’t feel at all like the ones I had with Jadyn. Then mom suggests we start timing them…we only got through 3 that were about 3 minutes apart before I decided to call the midwife again…it was now around 4:25am. Yes, all this in just 25 minutes!! So we were advised to head over as it would seem active labor quickly began. I called Jack and he was to get Jadyn up and meet us at the birth center (which is 45 minutes away). I averaged contractions that were 2-3 minutes apart in the car and was in a good amount of pain upon my arrival. I was checked right away and walked in the door at a whooping 6cm dilated. The birthing tub was being prepared for me and I walked around swaying between crontractions. I got into the tub and began having some more impressive contractions and started wondering if Jack would even make it to the birth! Well, he did, and he soon joined me in the tub where I was checked again and was at 8cm…it went by so quickly I could hardly believe it, and what really blew my mind is that I was very coherent and involved in a lot more of this birth. Sounds funny but with Jadyn I didn’t talk or even acknowledge anyone during contractions and when I hit transistion, my brain was numb. This time I was able to hold conversations, and even joke around a bit which seemed to make things much more enjoyable.

So now for the grand finale…I started getting the urge to push in the tub…well this wasn’t exactly the best thing because as it turned out I had what is called a “cervical lip” – simply put, a part of my cervix didn’t fully open and was partially blocking the baby’s exit route…the midwife tried various attempts at manipulation to help draw the lip back but it was not very sucessful. So I had to take some herbal anti-inflamatories and hold off on pushing a while longer. If I didn’t, my cervix could swell and block the baby completely and that would require a trip to the ER. So I held off as best I could. Then I wanted to get out of the water – crazy because I LOVE the water and was REALLY excited for her to be born in the water. Well let me tell you everything happens for a reason. Within minutes of getting out it was time to push. I pushed and pushed and pushed and slowly worked her on out. I pushed so hard that I literally broke hundreds of blood vessels in my face (yes I look like a character from star trek or something). Something wasn’t quite adding up. Then it was discovered, Jasmine was stuck. She had a mild shoulder dystocia (sp?) So basically the midwife had to go in and manipulate her position to help her clear the rest of my pelvis. I was quickly told to flip over and with the blink of an eye (and a very qualified birth team) she was free and placed in my arms. She was very purple and did not cry for what seemed like forever (about 15 seconds) She scored a 7 on her first APGAR and then a perfect 10 on her second. She was born only 4 hours and 4 minutes after labor began and weighed in a a grand 8lbs 4oz. Over a pound heavier than her big sister! She has a full head of dark hair and an appetite to match her weight!

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