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Schedule & Events for Labor & Delivery Classes


For new parents and those who are using a birthing center for the first time, there are classes that you should and must attend, according to Florida State Law.

Our classes are led by an experienced educator who makes these informative evenings fun to attend. You will learn the process of labor & delivery, changes that you and your baby will experience and discuss relaxation/coping techniques to help you through this special event.

Our classes are scheduled as follows:

Labor & Delivery Series from 28-35 weeks; A five week series required for all first time Moms and Moms delivering in a birth center for the first time (free)

Labor & Delivery – Condensed; A two day condensed version of our 5 weeks series that is scheduled over two Saturdays as required ($40)

Refresher –  from 34-37 weeks; A refresher for previous clients or those who have had a natural birth elsewhere, scheduled as required (free)

Water Birth Class; For anyone interested in water birth and wanting to learn more about the benefits and how it works. Scheduled as required. Please sign up with Jen or Kristi (free)

Newborn Care Class; A class for first time parents (& any who wants reminding) looking on the specifics of how to care for your newborn and what to expect in the first weeks. Scheduled as required. Please sign up with Jen or Amanda ($30)

Breastfeeding Class; For all interested, a one night course covering preparation for breastfeeding, benefits, how to, and handling common problems. Introduction to La Leche League. This class will follow the 5th class of the Labor & Delivery series.

All classes are from 6:30 – 8:30pm. There will be a guest speaker each week of the Labor & Delivery series. See Jen or Kristi about scheduling.

Anyone needing to cancel must call the birth center. A $25.00 service charge will be applied to your account if you do not call and cancel 24 hours in advance.

Childcare is not available, so please make arrangements accordingly

In addition to the above classes and for an additional fee, classes in Family & Friends CPR, covering child and infant resuscitation, and/or Family and Friends First Aid for Children can be arranged. The classes will be scheduled as requested by demand. Please see Jen or Kristi to add your name to the list.

Schedule for Labor & Delivery Classes

All classes will be held on a Tuesday evening and will run from 6.30 – 8.30pm. After each class there will be a guest speaker who will talk for approx. half an hour. If you are first time parents, or have NEVER experienced birth outside of the hospital environment, you MUST attend the whole program. Returning moms may schedule a one evening “refresher class”.

PLEASE NOTE – Class 6 (breast feeding) will be at 6.30 pm on the Thursday evening following Class 5 on the Tuesday.

Introduction, orientation & course overview

Video – My Body, My Baby, My Birth

Fear/Tension/Pain Cycle,

Anatomy & Physiology of Late Pregnancy

Labor Expectations

First Stage of Labor;

Anatomy & Physiology of Labor

Early Labor/Active Labor/Transition

True or False Labor? When to call?

Role of Support Person

DVD – Birth Day

*Saturday Class Avaliable

Second Stage of Labor:


Third Stage of Labor – the Placenta

Practice Breathing Techniques & Visualizations

Fourth Stage of Labor:

Immediate Post Partum Care

Video – The first hour after birth

Complications, Emergencies & Transfers;

Considerations/Choices/What to expect

The post-partum period & newborn care

Post-partum depression

*Saturday Class Avaliable


Benefits to Mom & Baby


Support, Information & Resources

Labor & Delivery Saturday Class Option

Class Fee $40

This class is a **fee based** class offered as an alternative to the 5 week Labor and Delivery Series. Participants will receive all of the same information in this two week class. Class will run from 9:30am to 1:30pm with a short break for lunch. At the end of each class there will be a guest speaker who will talk for approx. half an hour.

Please bring your lunch and plan to eat at the birth center so class can resumein a timely manner.

Class Fee will be collected when you sign up in order to reserve your spot. Cash or check made out to our childbirth educator, Meli Mossey.

PLEASE NOTE – This class does not include breastfeeding information. Please do not forget to sign up for a Thursday evening breastfeeding class if you are interested.

* May be subject to change