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Exercising during Pregnancy

Exercising while pregnant is almost always a good idea!

Delaying Babys First Bath

8 reasons why doctors recommend waiting up to 48 hours before bathing your newborn Delaying Baby’s First Bath: 8 Reasons why doctors recommend waiting up to 48 hours before bathing a newborn

Vaccine Updates

Vaccine Risk Information – National Vaccine Information Center Learn about vaccine risks and get the latest vaccine news and information by visiting the NVIC’s partner sites.

Pediatricians and Vaccines

Pediatricians Firing Parents Over Vaccine Refusals. Here’s How To Respond | Nutrition Care For Child Let your doctor assume the risk instead of your baby

New study on Home Birth

Study: Home birth with midwife as safe as hospital birth – Having your baby at home with a registered midwife is just as safe as a conventional hospital birth, a new study conducted in Canada says. Of course, this i sthe same for Birth Centers!!

‘AMAZING’ Coconut Oil

Mommas, particularly note uses 14-17 & 27, it REALLY does help…. 80 Uses for Coconut Oil by Jennifer Hybrid Rasta Mama So what’s the deal with coconut oil? Offering a myriad of health benefits, coconut oil is affordable, readily  

Damaging Myths about Post Partum Depression

» 5 Damaging Myths About Postpartum Depression – Psych Central Postpartum depression (PPD) is one of the most common complications of childbirth, according to Samantha Meltzer-Brody, MD, MPH, director of the Perinatal

Why Midwives and Maternal Health Need to Go Hand-In-Hand

On May 5th, the International Day of the Midwife, Jennie Joseph, a midwife in Winter Garden Florida, was featured in a radio talk show . Jennie is owner and clinical director of The Birth Place, a full-service midwifery clinic and birth center near Orlando and developer of the JJ Way, a midwifery curriculum geared toward eliminating disparities. (She is also a UK trained midwife!!)

Treating ADHD Through Diet

Hyperactivity. Fidgeting. Inattention. Impulsivity. If your child has one or more of these qualities on a regular basis, you may be told that he or she has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. If so, they’d be among about 10 percent of children in the United States. Kids with ADHD can be restless and difficult to handle. Many of them are treated with drugs, but a new study says food may be the key. Published in The Lancet journal, the study suggests that with a very restrictive diet, kids with ADHD could.
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Changes for 2012

A Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR wish to you all……… I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Holiday Season and are entering 2012 relaxed, happy and ready for whatever this year will bring. This year is starting with a welcome addition to our staff at the Birth Center; I am very pleased to announce that we will be joined by a new midwife – Michelle Ruffalo. Currently working on the East Coast, Michelle trained with Andrea at the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery. She will start shadowing in clinics and at.
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