Birth Stories

Tanner Metzger

Weight – 9 lbs, 7 ozLength – 22 1/2”, Head – 14 1/2”Born at 10:57pm on 11/3After 10 days of waiting and hoping for Tanner’s appearance, I made an appointment with my midwife (11/3) to ask her to help me move along the labor process (third sweep). After my apt, around 1pm, I had started having …

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Ormsby Family

Where to begin. I have been blessed to have been cared for by the labor of love family in all 3 of my births. As well as a for a miscarriage i had between my second and third babies. I say family because this practice has become a huge part of ours. I knew with my …

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Phoenix Mara

I gave birth June 30 , 2019 to a baby girl. My journey throughout my whole pregnancy in my personal life was rough. I am thankful however for the care I received at Labor Of Love. With all that happened I don’t think I would have made it through my pregnancy if I had not been in …

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Sunday, January 13th 2019Now 12 days past my “due date”. My mindset was terrible. I woke up around 6am, hopped in the shower and cried. And cried. And cried.As my induction date was quickly approaching, all I could think about was my dream delivery that I honestly thought would never come… I got dressed, fed …



On Tuesday, May 22nd I started having contractions. They began pretty early in the morning but weren’t painful in the slightest. They were just uncomfortable and never happening more than once an hour, if that often. I had been hoping labor would start for at least a week already so I was hopeful this was …


Alexander Stark

Alexander’s birth story really starts around week 35 of my pregnancy.  On this day I was having some serious contractions that had me worried that he would be coming early.  I spent the next 2 days laying on the couch and doing nothing.  It was a nice vacation for the first few hours, but it …

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