Our Birthing Suites | Labor of Love Birth Center

Our Birthing Suites

We have two completely separate, comfortable and attractive birth suites where you will have your own bedroom, bathroom facility, shower, kitchenette and family area.

Both suites have their own large size tubs for water birth or just for use during labor, whatever you desire! 

We encourage you to bring food and drink with you which may be stored in a refrigerator. There is a microwave, coffee machine and water cooler. We provide tableware, silverware and cups/glasses. Each suite has a TV with Direct TV and a DVD player. WiFi is also available.

We have plenty of towels and linens so you do not need to bring your own although you may wish to bring a preferred pillow or comfort blanket with you.

You will be able to mobilize around your suite as you wish. There will never be anyone coming in who has not been invited. You will feel free to dress (or not dress!) as you wish in the comfort that you are in a private environment. You may want to consider bringing some relaxation boosters; music, candles, pictures, aromatherapy – whatever works for you.

Additionally, on the very rare occasion that we have three moms in labor, we have a third birthing room available.